Better Algae. Better Feed. Healthier Animals.

There’s a way to give consumers the opportunity to eat what they want while making their food much healthier.

About Us

The Research


Extensive research and testing have proven that the addition of algae to feed stock improves the health and productivity for a wide range of animals. That’s why seafood generally is a healthier choice.

The Market


  More than one-third of U.S. land is used for pasture—by far the largest land-use type in the contiguous 48 states.  Land designated for livestock grazing reflects the immensity of the American meat industry. 

The Experience


 We have built our reputations elsewhere within the industry through years of experience in growing multiple strains of algae in bioreactors, using photosynthesis to mitigate CO2 and producing biomass.

Our Difference


What We Do

 Our role is to grow healthy algae using our own process. Quickly, and in volume at regional algae feed facilities we help design.



GreatAlga has a long relationship with the University of Maryland’s Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology (IMET), which continue to work with GA to maximize Omega 3.

GA also has commitments from other providers in construction, engineering, algal growth and harvest at commercial scale, financial and business modeling.


Industry Know-How

That’s why we were approached by an agricultural industry leader who had developed a process to incorporate algae into livestock feed to produce a healthier animal. 

Data from universities and certified labs and vetted by the USDA have validated that algae-treated feed improves animal health, performance and reproduction.

The Benefit

Efficient Growth


Algae grown in bioreactors lets us    optimize  all conditions.



Consumers will benefit from meat and dairy products when algae is a part of daily animal ration nutrition. 



The algae market is global and constantly growing for everyone's benefit.

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